(KTEN) – April 27, 2024… a dark day in Texoma history as several tornadoes touched down in Texoma and caused significant damage to the towns of Marietta and Sulphur, Oklahoma.

As Texomans continue to pick up from the April 27 tornado outbreak in Oklahoma, some are now picking up the pieces in North Texas after a tornado swept through southern Cooke County.

April 27 started out like any other day in Texoma, but quickly turned dangerous as soon as the sun set in the western sky. The low level jet — a corridor of higher winds just above the surface — started ramping up in Texoma, allowing for additional wind shear to help storms form and gain tornadic characteristics quickly.

At 9:20 p.m. on April 27, the first of a series of tornado warnings was issued along the Interstate 35 corridor. This would be the start of a very active and busy Saturday night for Texomans.

Ten tornadoes ended up touching down in Texoma, with 35 confirmed in Oklahoma so far.

10 tornadoes have been confirmed from the April 27-28, 2024 tornado outbreak

Sulphur, Oklahoma, took a direct hit from an EF-3 tornado on April 27, destroying the town's historic Main Street district, where one person was killed. Cleanup continues as a busy tourist season kicks off for the Arbuckle Mountains town.

Marietta, Oklahoma, was also dealt a heavy blow from an EF-4 tornado, the strongest of the event, on April 27. The Dollar Tree Distribution Center and neighboring Homeland grocery store were demolished. Cars and tractor trailer rigs were tossed like toys along I-35 in Marietta, where unfortunately, one person was killed. Cleanup continues as residents work to get Marietta back to normal.

A slew of other tornadoes occurred in Texoma, spiraling through much more rural areas in the region.

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