MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) — It's been just over three weeks since a tornado ripped through Marietta on April 27. The storm resulted in catastrophic damage across parts of the city.

We are now learning that all 2,800 people in Marietta did not hear outdoor warning sirens on that night because the municipal network of tornado sirens failed to sound.

Marietta has three tornado sirens within the city limits, on the north, south, and east sides of town. All three failed to go off when the EF-4 tornado tore through parts of the city.

Mayor Kermit McKinney said wasn't surprised when the sirens didn't sound, because he couldn't remember the last time they worked.

City Administrator Scott Chaney said Marietta eliminated its emergency manager position in 2015. Chaney said no one is assigned to trigger these alarms, and therefore no tests have been run.

We reached out to the Love County Emergency Manager Trent Barrick, but he said he could not comment since the siren issue is a city matter.

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