ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — Construction is progressing nicely in Ardmore as the Kiowa Street Project is well underway. However, keeping on track has been difficult for crews due to large amounts of rain in the past few weeks."

Crews are currently working on phase 1 parts A and B of the project, which involves widening 12th Avenue, as well as preparing to construct the new road that will connect Kiowa street to Merrick Drive.

"We're doing both simultaneously.” Stated Ardmore City Engineer Josh Randell. “Everybody has seen all of the dirt over there on the side of Kiowa and the mounds of it. They're placing all of that now."

workers have seen some issues with productivity due to large amounts of rain.

"Once that project really gets kicked off and starts going and the dirtwork is completed, I expect that project to go fairly quickly." Randell said.

The construction on 12th Avenue has some changes in store for drivers, including speed limits.

"I go down 12th Street a lot.” Stated Carter County resident Chris Casteel. Casteel lives in Lone Grove, but drives to Ardmore for groceries. “Right now, I don't go down a lot because they're doing a lot of construction, but I'm glad they're doing it because they're putting in an Albertson's."

"I think if everybody's patient, and kinda slows down in that area, I think it'll draw more attention to 12th Street and kinda help everybody out." Said Ardmore business owner Tommy Dove.

Despite the weather, city officials believe the project is still expected to be finished on time.

"I should have it done before the end of the summer.” Randell stated. “I don't see anything stopping us from that, from that goal."