KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) — Kingston City Council members met Tuesday to discuss the future of city employees with potential wage increases and possibly renewing contracts.

But the meeting was adjourned abruptly after Kingston residents expressed frustration with the council's  decision to terminate police Chief Kasey Cox without an explanation. 

"There is no communication there. I've had no communication," Cox said.

He believes his termination stemmed from a time clock issue in October, with only a warning given. That left him with no indication that his employment status would be on the line.

"There were some write-ups about insubordination not using a time clock — which I do have physical proof that I did use a time clock," Cox said. "It was stated in the council meeting that it was hearsay because they heard I said I would not use the time clock. I decided to bring it up again this year, and it just all started crumbling down from there."

Once the council members made their decision to terminate Cox, tensions in the room were high; ultimately, the council walked out of the meeting.

Kingston Mayor Sarah Jones declined to comment about the personnel issue.

"I have faith that I instilled enough respect and trust into the guys that will be staying while I'm temporarily gone, because, yes, I will be fighting this," said Kingston police Chief Kasey Cox.