COLLINSVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — After losing her mother, a Collinsville woman was reconnected with her mom through a piece of jewelry more than 50 years old.

"CRF" — those are the initials that helped reunite Katie Brock with her late mother's 1971 high school class ring. The three letters that helped a total stranger from Mena, Arkansas, return a priceless keepsake the Brock family will treasure forever.

Last month, Brock — a counselor at Collinsville Elementary School — received a voice mail at work.

To her surprise, a woman from Arkansas named Gayla Rose said her father-in-law found a 1971 Mena High School class ring while metal detecting. The ring bore the initials "CRF."

The initials 'CRF' on a class ring led Kayla Rose to the daughter of the ring's late owner.

"So we ended up looking thorough,, and on different places online, and figured out who it belonged to," Rose explained.

They found the name Charlotte Ruth Free.

"Once we looked it up, we found out that she had passed away, but that she did have children," said Rose.

Gayla Rose reached out to Brock on Facebook and made the three-and-a-half hour drive to return the keepsake.

"It means a whole lot to our family, because we've lost both our mom and dad, and we lost them really close together," Brock said. "So to have a piece of her that we didn't even know was out there returned to us is really cool."

Brock's mom Charlotte died in 2019, and Gayla Rose knew, she needed to return that ring.

"Especially after seeing that the mother passed away, we just wanted to get the ring to her family, we thought it would be precious to them," Rose said.

Katie Brock displays her late mother's class ring.