(KTEN) — Lake Texoma has been making a splash with high water levels due to recent storms.

Boaters and anglers are still flocking to the water, but they must take precautions to keep them safe.

As storms continue to batter Texoma and rain keeps coming, portions of Lake Texoma have reached higher water levels.

Last week, the lake crested at 623.4 feet, nearly 7 feet above its normal level of 616.7. The peak occurred on Thursday morning.

"You're going to see a change when in people's boating activities as the water rises," said Grandpappy Point Marina general manager Jason Cottingame. "A lot of folks are going to be hesitant to go out due to floating debris. When we got the initial storms with several days of rain to the west, we were concerned when we started to get that rise."

As of Tuesday, the water level stands at 621.36 feet, heading back down to normal levels.

While tourists continue to flock to the lake for boating and fishing, boaters are urged to comply with safety protocols, including taking extra precautions for debris floating into the lake from tributaries. 

"Some of the islands are under water, but they are still there and there's not as much beach to pull up on to," explained Freedom Boat Club general manager Sid Laub. "You have to be more careful coming into the islands, because there are things are things under the water that aren't there the last time you had pulled up."

All walkways and ramps are now back open at Grandpappy Point Marina as the water continues to level out and the warmer weather normalizes the the water flow.