FANNIN COUNTY, Texas (KTEN) — There are plans in motion to build some 3,200 homes on a 900-acre plot of land near Ivanhoe in Fannin County.

"If they move in, we're going to leave," said David Russell, who lives near the site. "I like my solitude."

The Twin Creeks Municipal Utility District could one day take its place.

"There's an incredible experience of waking up and not hear traffic noise," said Fannin County Judge Newt Cunningham. "Unfortunately for many of us, that ruralness that we so love is going to not be available where we currently live."

The development is expected to cost $114,585,000.

"For the county to develop, it's necessary," Cunningham said. "You want good development, and to have good development MUDs are a tool in accomplishing that."

Map shows location of the proposed Twin Creeks Municipal Utility District No. 1 near Ivanhoe, Texas.

Nearly $87 million will be allocated for water, wastewater, and drainage; and more than $27 million of the project total will go toward revamping the roads.

"We have limited money to take care of our own roads, so I'm sort of pleased to see MUDs taking over maintenance of the roads," Cunninghan said. "It would be quite a tax burden if we had to do that ourselves."

David Russell has lived in his home for almost 24 years. He never expected that a development this large could some day adjoin his property.

"It's a mess, and the deer and the wildlife here... it's going to devastate them, and we love the wildlife," Russell said.

There is no timeline for when construction could start.