DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) — Following the severe storms of April 27, Turner Falls Park received more than six inches of rain, resulting in severe flooding.

"We were closed for over a week," said park manager Timothy Thompson.

The water has since receded, but a lot of damage remains, including washed-out roads, park tables and benches being displaced, and erosion around sidewalks and roads.

"We didn't see tornadoes and wind events, but we saw flooding that pushed the creek up over five feet," Thompson said

Managers say the park has already taken a revenue hit, with popular attractions being closed.

"We're into our summer season, and the debris and the gravel that is washed out of different areas has piled in our swimming holes," Thompson said. "There are still smaller swimming areas throughout the creek, but those are the popular areas to go."

Turner Falls is already working to make necessary repairs ahead of the peak summer season.

"It looks lots better than what it did," Thompson said. "We still have a lot of work to do, but the main areas...  they're all cleaned up and ready for the summer crowd."

The park remains open to visitors as repairs are being. made, and plans are for Turner Falls to return to normal operations by Memorial Day.