GUNTER, Texas (KTEN) — There was a full house Friday for a special meeting of the Gunter City Council

After months of being in limbo as former city council member abandoned their positions in December, now the city has five new alderman sworn in ready to get the ball rolling again. 

"It's been about an hour and a half but we got a lot done so I'm feeling pretty good," said councilman for Place 3 Dave Self. "Transparency and no more secrets."

"We've needed it 100 percent," said former mayor and Gunter resident Donald Anderson. "The last council just wanted to shut down the city because they're spiteful and that's not right if you have a care for the community and a responsibility you follow in on that and you do what you got to do."

A hot topic on Friday's agenda was the action towards the preliminary plat for a BNSF Logistics Center, which the new council denied. 

"It's something that could have been addressed with the last council, said councilman Self. "And they chose not to we were under a time crunch and we were thankfully allowed to answer it today."

Many in attendance supported the councils decision. 

"I think Gunter is open to growth and the residents here are open to growth," said Gunter resident Monesa Unger. "But we want it to be responsible and transparent growth and we want it to be done in a way that won't impact our community in a negative way."

Mayor Karen Souther says she is unsure if BNSF will come back and adjust their proposal, her focus is getting city business back on track. 

"We have a lot of business coming up," said Mayor Souther "We have so many things that we have to tackle in May, June and July, we're going to be very busy but exciting stuff too we've got great development coming it's going to be good."