ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — The city of Ada announced a partnership with East Central University's Oka' institute, involving renovations that are planned for Wintersmith Lake.

"The Oka' Institute focuses on water sustainability and water management.” Explained Ada assistant city manager Angie Stout. “We reached out to them and said ‘hey, can you help us with the testing of the sediment to determine what the next steps are?’

Those next steps include a process called drudging, which involves removing extra sediment from the bottom to make the lake deeper.

"Right now, the lake is fairly shallow, and if you see on the north end, it kinda looks like a swamp land, and so we wanna remove the sediment so that the lake is beautiful and it's at capacity." Said Stout.

Other renovations include improving borders around the water, as well as improving the dam. However, these projects are still in the early planning stages, and won't be completed any time soon.

"Before we can start the design of the renovations of the lake, we have to do this necessary testing to determine what's in the sediment.” Stated Stout. “Then we will work with consultants on the design process, which will take several months."

Despite this timeline, park-goers, like Seezan Thompson, are optimistic about the idea of change.

"I'm not sure if [removing] the marshes will take away the food for the birds and the ducks and all that, but I think it'll definitely look a lot better." She said.

"Wintersmith Park is one of the most important places in our community.” Stout said. “We know how important it is to preserve it and to make it usable now and far into the future."