HOWE, Texas (KTEN) — The latest round of stormy weather left its mark on Howe, Texas Thursday afternoon.

Strong winds swept through the Grayson County community that straddles US 75 about 10 miles south of Sherman at around 3 o'clock, leaving large amounts of property damage for homeowners to clean up on Friday morning.

Trees were toppled, power lines were downed, and there was property damage throughout the town of 3,800 residents.

This convenience store in Howe, Texas, was damaged by high wind on May 9, 2024.


Howe Fire Department Chief Robert Maniet said there were no fatalities, but lots to clean up.

"It was very nerve-wracking when you start getting backed up with calls like that and you can't really respond to every single one of them at the appropriate time," he said. "We just tried to get from one to the next as fast as we could get to them."

Maniet added that several structure fires resulted from the storms, but no one was hurt.

In addition to the wind, up to baseball-size hail pelted Howe and parts of Sherman on Thursday afternoon. 

The National Weather Service said that damage caused by a storm in Fannin County south of Paris on Thursday was not the result of a tornado, but rather straight-line winds that reached 80 mph.

The weather service said meteorologists did find evidence of two EF-0 tornadoes in northern Fannin County from a storm on Wednesday night.