(KTEN) -- Wednesday, Governor Kevin Stitt signed senate bill 1457 into law making first responders diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder while in the line of duty eligible for workers compensation.

"PTSD is real and has real adverse effects," said Durant Police Department PIO Sgt. Nick Spencer "The services are there for the officers they're there currently but as far as compensation for lasting effects is not and now it is and that's something that is very big for us and very helpful."

According to the Oklahoma Fraternal Order of Police one in ever three law enforcement officers are impacted by PTSD which develops in some people who experience a shocking or dangerous event.

OK FOP President Mark Nelson releasing a statement after the bill was signed in to law:

"Qualifying PTSD as a workers compensation injury is a significant step to ending the stigma surrounding treatment an allowing our officers the time off needed to get help and heal without jeopardizing their jobs." 

"I think it's an awesome bill," said Oklahoma District 19 Representative JJ Humphrey. "I think we need to look at adding the department of corrections employees to this so I'll continue to work on that."

State Representative Humphrey has over 35 years of law enforcement experience supporting the law and sharing one moment he responded to a car accident where a young girl was thrown from the vehicle, that still sticks with him to this day. 

"We get in the ambulance and it was pretty obvious that there was not much we could do," said Rep. Humphrey. "And we had about a 9 mile run to the hospital hoping we could keep her alive and she died on the way and of all of the horrific things that right there is the only thing that has repeatedly bothered me and that probably happened 25 plus years ago."