(KTEN) - House Resolution 6093, the Weather Act Reauthorization Act, will improve weather forecasting and expand commercial opportunities for weather data.

But what does that mean? And how will it help save lives here in Texoma?

Right now, all of our radar data is based on 1988 technology. This bill, introduced by Oklahoma Rep. Frank Lucas (R-District 3), will fund new radar systems that will improve prediction and forecasting abilities.

"It's important to modernize our capabilities with new instrumentation, new data, to improve the weather forecasting models," said Dr. Fred Carr with the University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology.

There's also funding to improve communication methods.

"You can have perfect forecast or perfect warning, which are useless unless people are actually understanding what you're staying," Carr said.

Being able to accurately predict and inform the public of what's coming can save lives when seconds count.

"We need to be able to forecast those things, and I believe the funding that's been put forward in this program is going to help us increase the effectiveness and the timeliness," said Texas state Rep. Reggie Smith (R-District 62).

This is the first major government legislation to improve national weather radar services since 2017, but before that, it had been almost 30 years.

"Most people replace their phones every one to five years, so it's kind of crazy that radar technology that we use every day is not being replaced until every 40-plus years," said KTEN Chief Meteorologist Mandy Bailey.

The legislation now goes to the U.S. Senate for consideration.