ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — District officials for Marietta, Ardmore and Plainview schools are working to achieve some kind of normalcy for students and staff when they return to the classroom.

Oklahoma State Superintendent Ryan Walters visited with each school district Tuesday to find out how the State Department of Education could help in that process.

"It's not necessarily the damage to the district buildings but the damage has been done to the community," Walters said.

Among the services that the Oklahoma State Department of Education could provide to recovering school districts like Sulphur, Plainview, Ardmore and Marietta are substitute teachers, two million dollars of funding for displaced families and supplies, and state testing extensions or waivers.

"We're going to continue to prioritize what has the most damage, but we can do a lot of this at the same time,” Walters explained. “As the students begin to come back to school, then the parents come to the school and go 'hey, you know this is what happened to us'. Then the school can pass that information onto us."

Both Plainview Public Schools and Ardmore City Schools resumed classes Tuesday. Superintendent's Karl Stricker and Jill Day say their districts need more time to evaluate students and staff needs before receiving aid from the State Department of Education.

Marietta Public Schools will resume class Wednesday, with some concerns regarding state testing.

"We had lots of conversation around testing and state testing times,” Marietta superintendent Brandi Naylor said. “Just looking for how that's going to look moving forward to the end of the year. … What waivers are available. … Our folks want to get the testing in."

Superintendent Walters says that relief efforts from the State Department of Education will be provided for an indefinite amount of time, potentially into the summer and even next school year.