SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN)- It has been quite the week for Texoma FC.

The club announced its full ownership group this week which includes MLB all-star pitcher Matt Barnes, the Gronkowski family, and entrepreneur De Anna Guerreiro.

Saturday was another cause for celebration as fans gathered at 903 Brewers in Sherman for a soccer watch party.

While there, they had their first chance to put down a deposit for season tickets as they watched MLS action, shopped merchandise, and enjoyed food and drinks.

And as the club continues to take steps towards its first game which will come in spring of 2025, fans and the club's co-owners alike can't wait for next year..

"We always want to invest in good people and that's really what it's all about," Texoma FC co-owner Glenn Gronkowski said. "Just with the growth in the area and we also live in the Dallas area, just a local community we can grow with was super exciting for us."

And for local fans, they are looking forward to having a team they can call their own.

"I'm very excited. It's my favorite sport," Marcos Salazar said. "I was raised in Sherman, and so it feels nice to have a team close to you."