BURNEYVILLE, Okla. (KTEN) — Last December, $1 million was given to Turner Public Schools to make upgrades to school equipment and buildings. One of those changes was brand new playground equipment, and more are on the way."

Shortly after receiving the funds in December, the school district quickly purchased two new buses and a suburban for school functions.

"We have two new route buses that we use on the routes and on our sports activity trips, academic trips, all those types of things." Said Superintendent Shari Pillow.

The first structure to be improved was the school’s playground, with three new structures recently installed.

"Our elementary playground equipment got completed last week, so we're really excited about that.” Said Pillow. “We have three new pieces on our playground that our kids love to play on."

"They love climbing up high, and coming down the slide.” Said Turner teacher Heather Hill. Hill teaches 3rd grade. “There's lots of places for them to climb and get some energy out, and they really enjoy it."

Renovations are also underway to the school’s auditorium, with all new seating and new carpeting.

"The last piece is doing the softball and baseball renovations to the field.” Stated Pillow. However, the job of getting the fields done may be more difficult than expected, as the district looks for a contractor. “We have advertised that for bid, we're just waiting now to get those bids back, and determine which contractor we'll go with to get that project completed."

Pillow hopes to have all renovations completed by August 1st.