MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) — The Love County Sheriff's Office has acquired a military surplus mine-resistant ambush protective (MRAP) vehicle.

Sheriff Andy Cumberledge was able to purchase the vehicle, previously owned by a sheriff's office in Virginia, by working with a division of Oklahoma's Office of Management and Enterprise Services.

Cumberledge intends to use the vehicle when serving high-risk warrants or whenever there's an increased risk of deputies being shot.

An MRAP can cost over $700,000, but the sheriff's office only paid $2,500, plus $6,000 for transportation costs without using taxpayer dollars.

"Since it was in Virginia at a sheriff's office, it always goes back to the [Law Enforcement Support Office] program,” Cumberledge explained. “We never really own it. We're just able to use it for as long as we want. We upkeep it while we have it. I was able to use funds from my service fees."

Now the job is to fit the MRAP before it can be used on calls in Love County, or assisting on scene elsewhere.

"We arrive on scene and we start taking rounds from somebody shooting at us, obviously, we want to stay in and be protected but we also have to neutralize a threat, right?” Cumberledge said while explaining possibilities of what could happen when deputies arrive to a scene. “So, we raise the turret. We're protected by steel up top and we're able to send rounds down range as well."

The sheriff’s office plans to bring the truck to parades and local events throughout the year.