MARIETTA, Okla. (KTEN) — The city of Marietta just received a loan from the Oklahoma Water Resources board for over five million dollars. The city plans to use this loan to make necessary changes to their water infrastructure."

Marietta Water Superintendent Layton Shurbet is excited about the incoming upgrades. "I've been here 19 years, and we've had no major projects like this before." He said.

The loan, which is a part of the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, will bring in $5.7 million. There will be three main projects, including the construction of a third water tank. The new tank will allow the city to store water from existing sources, while repairs can be made.

"We've got some existing tanks that haven't passed inspection for a few years.” Shurbet explained. “We can't turn them off to fix them until we get a place to store the water somewhere else so that the city can have water."

Other projects include the addition of around 6,000 feet of new water lines, and the construction of a new water well. The Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality believes that these upgrades will benefit the city both short and long term.

"Some of these things like the well and the additional storage capacity are going to help with a lot of issues throughout the town, whether it be water pressure, water age, water quality." Said George Russell. Russell is the Public Water Supply Group Manager for the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality.

"I think everybody is kind of excited because, you either want water or you don't want to have water.” Stated Shurbet. “The city of Marietta is going to be in good shape when we get this done."

Construction is set to begin in the next 60 days, with completion expected in the next year and a half.