SPRINGER, Okla. (KTEN) — Springer Public Schools is trying a new method to get kids off their phones in the classroom.

"Kids were on their cellphones quite often. It was a major distraction."

New to the district this year, Springer Public Schools’ administration has put cell phone lock boxes into each middle and high school classroom.

They're used on an honor system, so every student puts their phone into the make shift locker when arriving to class, and can have access to their device in between periods.

"We tried the 'keep them in your backpack' or have them turned off during class and honestly, it just didn't work,” superintendent Scott Webb said. “I think there are some safety concerns and I'm trying to be sensitive to that. If there is an emergency, students can access their phones."

Teachers are seeing the results of having the lock boxes in the classroom.

"Focus has been improved. For my art projects, improved craftsmanship on that,” art teacher Dottie Parsons explained. “They ask less questions on what to do because they're focused on what I'm saying."

Improved engagement is a short-term result of the lock boxes.

"We won’t really see the true result maybe until next year. I think we'll see an improvement that we can actually quantify,” Scott Webb explained. “I think it's a relatively inexpensive way to deal with cell phone issue."