DENISON, Texas (KTEN) - Folks woke up bright and early on Saturday morning to lend a helping hand in Denison's first "Big Event."

"It's just a really good opportunity for everyone to come out and make a difference," said volunteer Brendan Adams.

A cleanup project that started at Texas A&M sparked a number of community-wide service days around the state. 

Hundreds of community members dispersed across the city to work on projects to assist and unite the residents.

"So, we have anything from painting projects - like you can see behind me here - to hauling off trash and tree limbs. We've got people that are raking yards, so really it is a wide variety of projects," said city spokesperson Emily Agans.

More than 350 Denison volunteers arrived in the community without any requirements needed of those receiving the assistance.

The event is aimed to become an annual tradition.

"There are a lot of ways for people to get involved and there were really no requirements – it was just outdoor home projects that people in our community needed help with," Agans said.

"It's good with coming together, and we put all of this information out for everyone and the viewing area to see. So, it's good for all of us to come together when everyone in the area needs it the most," Brendan Adams added.