MADILL, OK (KTEN) - A proposed sand mine could be coming to almost 600 acres of land west of Madill, sparking strong concern from taxpayers and neighbors.

With a meeting held at the Fred Stanely Center, the future of the possible construction and addressing the worries amongst taxpayers were discussed.

"I'm in education – education is knowledge and knowledge is power. The more we understand both sides, there's obviously some good things that can come out of this and there are some negative things that can come out of it all," stated Dr. Bradshaw, a professor at Southeastern Oklahoma State University.

Taxpayers top three concerns include: pollution of Lake Hauani, damage to water wells due to pollution, and air pollution in the city.

Dan little claims that the production of sand mines would not negatively impact the surrounding areas and will even create jobs and economic benefits.

Another concern from those who live there are potential disruptions to traffic, health issues, and future property taxes on their homes.

Little stated that further research would need to be done in order to answer these topics.

"So many of the concerns are not based on scientific evidence, they're based on emotions and fears - and I understand that. It'll be an ongoing process," stated Dan Little, the leaser of land for mining to Unisands LLC.

The Madill City Council decided to agree to the petition and send questions and concerns to the company before agreeing to the project.

Future plans call for holding further meetings to debate the planned mining.