(KTEN) — Davis native Amy McCoy is one of 13 contestants on the new game show Deal or No Deal Island playing for millions of dollars in prize money.

Amy McCoy grew up in Davis, graduating with the high school class of 2000.

Now, the 42-year-old is putting her physical and mental skills to the test as a contestant on the tropical-themed NBC game show Deal or No Deal Island.

Each week, players are faced with an activity excursion on a jungle-filled island with the goal of bringing back the highest-valued briefcases to avoid a challenge with the banker.

"If you face the banker and you essentially win against the banker, you're safe from elimination, but you have to eliminate someone on the spot," McCoy explained. "But if you do not beat the bank — like you accept a case lower than what you had in your case — then you lose against the banker and go home."

The grand prize pot is built each week based on the player's performance, and can reach up to $200 million.

You can watch Deal or No Deal Island Monday nights at 9 o'clock on KTEN-TV.