MANNSVILLE, Okla. (KTEN) — Two bills are making their way through the Oklahoma Legislature that would add four additional members to the State Board of Education.

Senate Bill 1395 would let two of the additional members to be appointed by the Senate president pro tempore and two by the speaker of the House.

The House version of these bills — House Bill 2562, co-authored by Rep. Mark McBride (R-District 53) — stipulates that the additional appointees would have to be a resident of a rural community, or the former superintendent of a small district.

"It's imperative that we have the people who understand the unique needs of schools, students, parents and educators — particularly those from our smaller districts," McBride said in a statement.

"The majority of the schools in our state are not large schools," said Mannsville Public Schools Interim Superintendent Donna Anderson. "Rural Oklahoma is the biggest populous of public education, and so it only makes sense to have people who are rural, experienced people on a board."

Currently, all members of the State Board of Education — aside from the state superintendent — are appointed by the governor.

"What would help all of the kids of Oklahoma is that we have both of those entities that were willing to put that rhetoric aside and work together for the good of children," Anderson added. "That's why they're there — for the children, not for political process."