DENISON, Texas (KTEN) — For 145 years, Presidents' Day has been recognized as a federal holiday.

The day originally celebrated the birthday of George Washington's birthday, but has more recently evolved as a day to recognize all of the nation's leaders since the establishment of the United States.

On President's Day, banks and schools are closed, and retail stores often offer discounts.

"It is nice to have the day off, but it's like... okay ... what am I going to do?" asked Averi Cross. "It's like I'm teaching all day? I don't have time to go do other things, and the one day I do have off, everything's closed."

According to a survey, 19 percent of private industry employees receive paid time off for Presidents' Day.

The other 81 percent of workers — especially parents — may have difficulty making arrangements for their children who are out of school for the federal holiday.

"Daycare is super, super expensive these days," Cross said. "I think like it's nice for people who are fortunate enough for it, but I think it's kind of hard for other for other families."

Although scheduling conflicts may arise on Monday, Christ Rhinehart said it is still important to remember and honor the meaning behind President's Day.

"Reflect on our forefathers of this country and... taking time to think about how amazing this country is that we live in," he said.