BOSWELL, Oklahoma (KTEN)- At Boswell’s basketball practice, there’s never any five-on-five.

Instead, it’s three versus three.

“We started October 1, I had 11 guys and it’s dwindled down since then," Boswell head coach Brandon Allen said. "A couple guys moved. A couple of guys got hurt at regionals and baseball and never came back out. And then first game of the season, it was the six of us.”

With just six players on its roster. Boswell quickly learned there would be very little margin for error.

“It was tough because we’d be getting in foul trouble a lot," senior point guard Devontre Ware said. "So you know it’s kind of hard when you’ve got one person coming off the bench."

But the Scorpions didn’t even always have that luxury. In a couple of games, they’ve been down to just five players due to illness.

And against Calera back in November, two players fouled out leaving the Scorpions to play five versus four.

"I knew the double team was coming and I was like, 'man, it's over,'" Ware said of the Calera game.

"You're playing four straight quarters with just five players, you get winded pretty fast," junior guard Tabor Ribera said. "We definitely had to value some possessions of the ball just so we could get our breath."

But despite the challenges, Boswell’s chemistry never wavered.

"We've all grown up around here our whole lives," Ribera said. "Our parents are best friends. We're always around each other."

Ware, the lone senior on the roster, is especially thankful for his five teammates.

"Just knowing they didn't let our season by somebody quitting, it really means a lot," Ware said.

And that togetherness has paid off. After an 11-12 regular season, the Scorpions took care of business this past weekend beating Moyers 56-53 to bring home their third-straight district title.

"I couldn't be more proud of these guys," Allen said. "They've had a lot on their plate. It's not easy playing for me or going through an entire basketball season with six guys. But they've dug their feet in and gutted it out."

And no matter what happens at regionals this weekend or beyond, Boswell’s players say they’ll look back on this season with their heads held high.

"I'm very proud," Ware said. "Just knowing that us six put our heart and soul out there playing basketball."