MANNSVILLE, Okla. (KTEN) —Mannsville Public Schools Interim Superintendent Donna Anderson is in the process of sending audit findings to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office after the report showed possible altered documents and misused funds during the 2022-2023 school year.

"It appears that these findings continued into this current year until December, when the previous superintendent was put on leave," Anderson said.

The district's board of trustees met Monday to review audit reports from the previous school year which found misappropriation of funds from multiple school accounts that were all under the supervision of Superintendent Brandi Price-Kelty.

"When you have activity funds, it's supposed to be for the kids," Anderson said. "But the activity fund was used for things like dinner, staff clothing, and a massage chair; there was just some questionable spending."

Price-Kelty was arrested on campus for public intoxication in December and was subsequently placed on administrative leave. Her contract is set to expire this month.

"The board can only do and make decisions based off what they're given, and if they're given information that is not correct or fraudulent, then it would be hard to point fingers at anybody other than the person that's doing it," Anderson said.

Amazon purchases were made using school funds with no clear connection to school use.

"[The audit] says there were several items on the school credit card account that appear to be personal items," Anderson said. "The superintendent appears to have had custody and complete control of the credit cards, with online purchases made to Amazon being delivered to the superintendent's personal residence rather than the school."

The school board board made a motion to accept the audit and turn the findings over to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office.

"It is not our job to convict anybody or do charges; it's our job to take the information that we have and present it to the proper people, and then that's the next step," Anderson said.

The interim superintendent's contract has been extended until next summer. 


Mannsville Public Schools Superintendent Brandi Price-Kelty was arrested for public intoxication on December 12, 2023.