SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The City of Sherman is implementing a rental registration and inspection program after approval from the city council.

After complaints from tenants about apartment conditions, the owner of a rental property will now have to register their complex with the city, subject to inspections for $10 per unit.

"It's not going to be a burden, it's more a level of frustration with having to jump through these additional hoops," said rental property owner Wally Johnson. 

After years of complaints the conditions of apartment buildings for things like air conditioning and water heaters not working, the City of Sherman is taking matters into its own hands. 

"We'll be able to go out and do these inspections to make sure that everything on the checklist is functioning," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch. "If it's not, we'll contact the property management company and let them know what needs to be fixed. And then, after a certain amount of time, we'll go out and make sure those repairs were made."

The city will begin its inspections in April. 

"At least for now, we're going to start off with apartment buildings themselves and then have those be registered over the next 60 days, and then spend the next year getting out feet wet and figuring out how it's going to work," Strauch explained. 

Johnson isn't necessarily eager to register his property. 

"That's just an additional hurdle; a box that we have to check, and it's more of an inconvenience than anything else," he said. 

"If people are having problem in their apartment building, they can fill out a form on our website," Strauch added. "We can use this new legal power to go investigate what's going on."