(KTEN) — Oklahoma lawmakers gathered at the Capitol every day during the first full week of February for the second session of the 59th Legislature.

Gov. Kevin Stitt is hosting weekly news conferences to keep Oklahomans informed. At the top of his list: Tax cuts.

"I'll sign any tax cut that hits my desk, because it does two things: Number one, it continues to make us the most business friendly state; and number two, it slows the growth of government,"  the Republican governor said. 

Stitt proposed a 25 percent cut in income taxes for the 2025 fiscal year, and a flat agency budget — meaning no increased or decreased rates.

"You have to have a governor on your spending," said Stitt. "That's what I'm trying to warn Oklahomans about for the future."

Another topic of discussion was Oklahoma's involvement in the ongoing border battle.

"Well, we're willing and ready to — you know — send some troops and help if we need to," Stitt said.

He said he believes it's up to the president to secure the border.

Stitt also addressed the grand jury indictment accusing three men with Swadley's Foggy Bottom Kitchen with conspiracy to defraud the state.

"We're going to hold vendors accountable in the State of Oklahoma," Stitt said.

Adjournment for this legislative session is scheduled for May 31.