ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- Dozens of Texoma businesses and organizations have gathered here at the Ardmore Convention Center to bring a resource fair to Michelin employees who will be impacted by the closing of the plant in 2025.

"Oh, it means everything." Said Michelin Engineering Manager Steven Pierce. "And...we're gonna do several others after this."

Hundreds of workers will lose their jobs at Michelin within the next year. The Michelin resource fair is assisting those workers with developing the resources to find new areas of work.

"Once they find out their separation date, they at least know who to contact for different services that they may need." Said Andrea Anderson. Anderson is the Vice President of Economic Development with the Ardmore Development Authority. "If they need help finding their next career option, they know who they can contact that day."

Michelin partnered with the Ardmore Development Authority to make this fair possible.

"The reason I've been with Michelin so long is because one of their core values is respect for people." Pierce stated. "We wanted to give people as many avenues to go down and try to find what their next chapter in life is going to be."

For some, that next chapter will be going back into the workforce in a different field. For others, it will be going back to school.

"My plans after I leave Michelin is to go back into education." Said Michelin employee Darrell Gunter. Gunter is one of many employees being let go between now and 2025. "Once I get back in the workforce, I'm getting my Masters and see about going into administration to become a principal or superintendent."

After the end of the resource fair tomorrow, the ADA and Michelin will be hosting a job fair in March.