ADA, Okla. (KTEN) — Department directors for the City of Ada briefed city council members at a special meeting Monday about fiscal budget plans for the upcoming year, as well as where they see the city in the next two to three years.

Seven of the city's departments briefed council members for their three-year vision of Ada, with the police and fire departments providing their updates at a later date.

For the Parks and Public Facilities Department, it's about upgrades to Wintersmith Park and constructing a new sports complex with tax dollars.

"We have a big grant coming up with the US Forestry department through our parks and then we're designing the sports complex. Master planning that," Parks and Public Facilities Director Tommy Eaton said. "As we increase the demand on maintenance, you have may to increase a little bit of personnel to meet those demands."

The Finance Department has a new way to plan for future budgets.

"We've endeavored this year to have a three-to-five year outlook versus just a one-year outlook, so that whenever issues gain in priority, we can easily shift those and handle, and be more proactive than reactive," said Finance Director Carl Turner.

There's also a project in the works, currently in its testing phase, that will allow utility customers to pay their bills at kiosks at Pruett's and Ten Box grocery stores.

"We essentially have over 11,000 customers that are paying utility bills on a monthly basis," Turner explained. "We've noticed that utilities have an ability to pay at these locations."