(KTEN) — Oklahoma Republican Sen. James Lankford is getting an earful of criticism from GOP leaders and voters alike for his role in crafting a bipartisan immigration bill.

Lankford defends the legislation, saying the bill is a win for securing the nation's southern frontier. 

The bipartisan legislative proposal was released on Sunday to address the intensifying migrant surge. The measure also contains critical funding for US allies Ukraine and Israel.

If passed, the law would change US immigration laws for the first time in decades, instituting new emergency border restrictions and expediting the asylum process.

"If people don't like a bill, they vote against it; that's the nature of the Senate — the House or the Senate, quite frankly — so that's part of it," Lankford said. "For me,  it's a matter of, we're going to work — myself and my team — to be able to find solutions, to be able to say we have a national security crisis... let's find a way to be able to solve it."

The border bill would provide about $20 billion in resources.

Sen. Markwayne Mullin will be giving Oklahoman's the platform to voice their opinions tonight at a Telephone Townhall, discussing border security, the economy, and America's response to conflict overseas. You can dial (855) 614-0277 to join tonight's townhall starting at 6:30 p.m. CT.