GAINESVILLE, Texas (KTEN) — Students, parents, and faculty in the Gainesville Independent School District will soon have easier access to their health care needs.

GISD has established a partnership with North Texas Medical Center to provide online health services. Hospital CEO Tom Sledge said it will be a simpler alternative for busy families.

"For a lot of working parents, taking off to come get their child and then go to the doctor and then go get prescriptions... that's half a day away from work," he said. "This is one way to help them take less time to get their child the health care that they need."

Under the plan, school nurses will schedule a telehealth visit for students, and parents will also be able to join virtually if they cannot be present in person.

All parties involved won't have to rush to schedule a doctor's appointment during normal business hours.

The procedure will also help to separate contagious versus non-contagious students.

"Sometimes they might not need to be taken out of school; it might not be a contagious issue, and the child just needs help with maybe an ear infection, where they could get the prescription ordered for an antibiotic to take care of that," Sledge said. "Then the parent wouldn't have to come get them right then."

Gainesville ISD Superintendent Dr. Desmontes Stewart believes the virtual doctor visits will help the district, especially during the winter when they see a spike in illness.

The district and the medical center will introduce this health care option to a Gainesville intermediate school starting in the fall semester.