(KTEN) — After the Texas Senate voted to acquit Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in September, state Sen. Drew Springer (R-District 30) is now calling to reopen the impeachment inquiry against the fellow Republican after Paxton announced he wouldn't contest the allegations and wouldn't sit for his deposition that was scheduled for Thursday. 

"I felt compelled to say, look: If I was told one story for months and now somebody is telling me something different, then you know, I think it's my responsibility to say we need to re-look at this," Springer said. 

Former Paxton aides filed a lawsuit in 2020 alleging that the attorney general improperly used his official position. That led to the Texas House approving 20 articles of impeachment last May.

In September, the Texas Senate acquitted the attorney general on 16 articles and dismissed the other four. 

"The biggest challenge we have is, our top law enforcement officer is being charged with corruption, illegal activities... and is now no longer wanting to defend his position on those," Springer said. "That's why I think it's really important we get to the bottom of it." 

Grayson County attorney Joe Brown believes this lawsuit has strong implications for taxpayers. 

"The plaintiffs — the people filing the lawsuit — certainly have still have to determine how much damages are owed; the court has to determine how much damages are owed; they certainly have interest in exactly what Attorney General Ken Paxton did," Brown said. 

Springer said an initial settlement of $3.3 million was not reached, and now taxpayers could have to pay anywhere from $7 million to $10 million with an admission of guilt from Paxton. 

KTEN asked Paxton's office for comment, but did not hear back before our deadline.