TISHOMINGO, Okla. (KTEN) — Johnston County Sheriff Gary Dodd first had the idea for Texoma county law enforcement to join forces in 2021.

Now, his office has teamed up with Love County colleagues to establish the Texoma Sheriffs Task Force, with more agencies possibly joining in.

The TSTF is an agreement to share personnel and equipment with neighboring law enforcement departments when needed.

The task force can be used for crimes ranging from traffic stops to offenses as serious as child or weapons trafficking.

"Different sheriffs' offices have different people trained in different things, so why not share those?" Dodd asked. 

The growing Texoma population led to the decision to form this task force.

"There's no one agency — no matter how large you are — that can deal with the amount of crime that we're seeing now. Texoma is growing," Dodd said. "The citizens of this state do not want California; they want their law enforcement to police with compassion, but they want their sheriffs to go after criminals."

"A lot of folks don't really understand what all resources are required during major incidents," added Love County Sheriff Andy Cumberledge in a written statement. "To be able to collaborate and provide each other the resources will not only benefit the offices, but it will be a huge benefit to the citizens and victims of our counties."