(KTEN) — Texas Rep. Pat Fallon (R-District 4) is sounding off on the impeachment vote against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. 

The congressman tells KTEN the vote is bringing attention to the border, and should Mayorkas be impeached, it will "stain his name in history."

Fallon, who introduced the impeachment measure one year ago, says the border is no longer a crisis, but rather a "cataclysm." 

"Don't tell me that all those folks are just economic migrants looking for a better life," Fallon said. "Some of those people are here to do us harm, and even it's only one percent, that's a whole lot of folks that can do a lot of damage if called upon in an open society." 

Should Mayorkas be impeached, he would be the second cabinet member ousted since 1876.