(KTEN) — The Internal Revenue Service is expecting more than 128.7 million tax returns to be filed by the April 15 deadline.

Taxpayers can expect a few minor changes this season when filing.

"The extra child tax credits, those are no longer on there," said Fast Tax owner and accountant Mary Walker. "The standard deduction's gone up a little bit for all of the ranges."

She cautions that refunds may not be as big this year.

"The W-4, the withholding stuff, they're taking the withholding closer to the actual amount, and that means returns are a lot smaller," Walker said.

To receive your return about a week earlier, you can add direct deposit information, which should include your checking account routing, transit, and account numbers.

Taxpayers must remember to bring the following identification when they go to file taxes with a preparer.

"What we need to do is just W-2s, ID's, Social Security card, any kind of school records, and if you're head of household, a utility bill," Walker said.

Darlene Tharp was ready and waiting to file her taxes as soon as she could.

"Just get your W-2s, and you get them filled out and everything... so far, so good," she said.

Taxpayers should receive all documentation in them ail from employers by the end of the month. Walker recommends that you start filing as soon as possible.