STONEWALL, Okla. (KTEN) — The Town of Stonewall, just outside Ada, has been battling water outages all week.

It all started on Sunday night when a pipe at the town's water treatment plant froze.

Then on Tuesday night, another issue, stemming from the frozen pipe, that resulted in no supply until Wednesday morning.

Water was back up and running until Thursday afternoon, when town staff determined that additional repairs were required.

"It turned out they were going to have to drain the entire system and retreat, and begin filling again, which they've started this morning," said Pontotoc County Emergency Management Director Chad Letellier on Friday. "We need to be over 50,000 gallons before they can start doing some of the flushing and transferring of water."

To help provide some relief, the Stonewall, Allen, Happyland and Roff fire departments provided non-potable water. Drinking water has also been made available.

Businesses and water customers have had to get used to the absence of a basic necessity, as frustration grows.

"Going back and forth from, 'Hey, the water is going to be fine,' to where it's not... and now we don't have any at all. Yeah, the citizens are a little bit, little bit grouchy at times," Letellier said.

"This is about the second time that it's happened within the year, and its a nuisance," said Stonewall resident Richard Medcalf. "I can't come back every two or three hours to get something to flush the commodes."

City staff expect the water to be flowing again by Sunday at the latest.