HUGO, Okla. (KTEN)—A Hugo High School cheerleader is bound for the University of Oklahoma as the first co-ed cheerleader ever actively recruited by the university.

It's only Zion Siñiga's second year as a cheerleader, but he caught the university's attention.

Before becoming a cheerleader, he trained in gymnastics since age 11.

"Definitely with his gymnastics background, even though he's still pretty new to cheerleading, he's very talented, and we are very excited to see what he'll do in the future," OU cheerleader John Farrell said.

OU was Zion's first choice for college, after following their gymnastics team for years.

"I know a lot of them have been to the Olympics, and I've gone to their gymnastics meets before," Zion said. "They're insane, I love watching them."

He gave cheer a shot after some encouragement at school, and for the prospect of scholarships.

"I got convinced by the cheer coach and my principal to do it," Zion said. "And because of scholarships, and also I've wanted to be at OU all my life for gymnastics, but I ended up doing it for cheer."

As a Sooner, Zion plans to pursue a sports-related major.