KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) — In the afternoon, you can find Jones Jones teaching Kingston High School students the basics of driving a car.

But that's just one of several hats and responsibilities that he takes on in the town of Kingston.

"Coaches and teachers are the reason I'm here," he said. "I've always been taught to respect them, and always told myself that — you know — if I ever got the chance to be one, what I could do for my community."

That opportunity for Jones to get the best of both worlds came in 2013, when he began teaching at Kingston Public Schools.

Jones has been working part-time for the Kingston Police Department, obtaining the rank of captain, being a liaison for CLEET — all while performing those duties after the last bell at the high school.

"Capt. Jones is a pillar of this community," said Kingston police Chief Kasey Cox. "Working the streets as a police officer, he's able to recognize the kids, and the kids are able to recognize him, and have that level of respect and communication."

So how does he do it? Jones teaches daily at the middle and high schools, and in the spring, he coaches track.

Jones' part-time responsibilities for Kingston police could be extended full-time in the near future, but when his law enforcement duties call, he doesn't hesitate — crediting his wife, colleagues and bosses for helping manage his busy schedule.

"The Lord's never going to give you more than you can take on... period," Jones said. "All you have to do — like I tell these young people — is work. Hard work and dedication takes care of a lot of things."