DAVIS, Okla. (KTEN) — Multi-million-dollar projects for the city of Davis, months in the making, are finally coming together but the recent freezes and icy conditions are something city staff can't plan for.

"We did have some pipes that burst on us,” city manager Ricky Harness said. “Where it does drive a problem for us and for any city for that matter, is you'll get the hard freeze and the lines will break. You won't see those leaks for a few days.

A new 19-million dollar sewer plant and over two-million dollars’ worth of road and drainage repair for sixth street near Davis Public Schools are being worked on, but because of the icy conditions, construction is at a standstill.

In the event of a burst pipe, an already spread thin city staff has to shift focus.

"I've got three folks right now that are working my water and sewer systems,” Harness explained. “When we have a leak, or we have a sewer backup, it pulls them off of the day-to-day work to get after these other problems."

Weekly maintenance checks are performed on city infrastructure, as well as placing heaters near needy water lines to avoid potential damage from the ice and cold.

"Been fairly fortunate we haven't had major backups yet. We've been close this year. It's a continual challenge for every city."