LOVE COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — Greenville Public Schools was annexed into Marietta Public Schools one year ago with a 79 percent approval vote.

Since then, the property wasn't being used, and Marietta schools had a decision to make.

"I had got word that the Marietta school district was thinking about selling the property," said Love County District 3 Commissioner Stacy Rushing. "I just went to Miss Naylor, the superintendent, with a proposal, and she took it before the school board and school board accepted it."

With the help of state Rep. Josh Cantrell (R-District 49), the property was donated to the county. Now planning is underway for what the county will do with the building. Ideas include a remodeling project to house the Greenville Volunteer Fire Department with a community center.

"With the Greenville Fire Department, there's not enough funds; they don't collect enough tax dollars to go in and buy a piece of property and build a new building," Rushing said. "This old schoolhouse fits the bill perfectly for them. I just thought it would be a good idea to give the Greenville residents something back after losing their school."

Fire Chief Clay McKinney endorses the plan.

"Our current station we're in now is very small," he said. "The footprint is small. We don't really want to see this go anywhere, so for it to still have a Greenville name on it, it's pretty big. We don't get a lot of funding, so this gives us a big jump start."

Commissioner Rushing said grant funding from the state will be used for the revamp of the old Greenville School building into a new fire department and community center.