POTTSBORO, Texas (KTEN) — "I would like to be president one day," said fifth grader Bowen Carter.

For him, history is more than just his favorite subject.

"It's important, so we can honor all our presidents and what they've done for us, and how this nation because the greatest nation in the world," Bowen said.

He loves learning about the American Revolution, and is passionate about learning from the past.

"They fought off the British to make their own country," Bowen said.

That's why he was especially excited to visit the Pottsboro Area Library to see the first public viewing of The American Revolution Experience brought to the library by the Preston Trail Chapter of NSDAR.

"My favorite part of the exhibit has been signing the Declaration of Independence," Bowen said. "It's like the best part of the American Revolution."

The interactive pop-up exhibit will travel across the country. Visitors like Bowen are invited to add their John Hancock to a replica of the Declaration of Independence.

"The core of everything that our patriots did is still important today," said Amanda Bauman Ewton with the Preston Trail Daughters of the American Revolution.

The exhibit features 12 panels that introduce personalities from the period.

"These are about ordinary men and women... these aren't the popular patriots," Bauman Ewton explained.

There are also three kiosks featuring videos and stories from the Revolutionary War, and more.

"I love being a character from the American Revolution," said a man portraying Ben Franklin.

"I think the kids really respond to it, but the parents seem to respond to it more," added a woman dressed as Martha Washington.

The exhibit at the Pottsboro Area Library at 104 North Main Street is open through February 12 during regular hours.