KINGSTON, Okla. (KTEN) - Every year, the Kingston New Years Classic is a staple in Texoma with great basketball and great competition but using the word great again would be an understatement when talking about the food here in the hospitality room.

Before, after or in-between battles on the court, fans, parents and players can see one of the best stadium meals one can see at Kingston. Steak fingers, fried green beans and a full fajita bar are just some of what make the food spread so memorable at Kingston.

"Other than that, our cafeteria workers do all the cooking and baking, then we have student volunteers that come in and do a lot of the leg work," said Kila Hayes, Kingston New Years Classic coordinator.

Hayes also said she starts losing sleep two months before this event but the payoff, was worth it as a number of Oklahoma towns, some close some far, get to experience this together.

"This is my second year ever to work it, said Kingston freshman volunteer Kooper Walker. "It is absolutely favorite things to do because you get to meet people from all over and its a great opportunity to work with your friends."

"I also like meeting a lot of brand new players, some that aren't from around here and of course eating," said Kingston player Avery Ludrick.

There's also plenty of hometown pride involved when it comes to putting all aspects of this tournament together.

"I think that this just represents how much we love our school and love our students and love our kids," said Hayes.