SHERMAN, Texas (KTEN) — The City of Sherman's Project Pepperoni Tracker aims to help both citizens and city officials keep tabs on the progress of the city's many projects.

Included in the tracker are capital improvement projects, residential developments, and planning and zoning projects.

It also shows information where a project is located, and its start and estimated completion date. Many projects include a video link providing an visual overview.

"When you have $500 million of projects going on, it's difficult for our seven city council members to keep track of where we are, how much money we've spent, how much money we plan to spend, so that was really the core idea of it," said city spokesperson Nate Strauch.

Some features are still in development, like connecting items on the map to agendas with more information.

"Eventually, it'll be set up so each polygon on the map will take you directly to the agenda, but that functionality is not quite there yet," Strauch said.

And why is it called "Project Pepperoni'?

"The idea really started with the idea of a pizza tracker... when you an order a pizza online, it gives you a bar that shows exactly where the pizza is in the process of being created," Strauch said.

But Project Pepperoni users won't see updates for all the civic projects in the City of Sherman, like the county jail expansion or construction on US 75, which are not managed by the city.