MANNSVILLE, Okla. (KTEN) — In a special meeting by the Mannsville Public Schools Board of Education, district officials decided to suspend Superintendent Brandi Price-Kelty with pay.

The decision comes a week after Price-Kelty's arrest for public intoxication on school grounds while class was in session.

Board members did not comment on their decision.

According to the Johnston County Sheriff's Office, district staff called deputies last Tuesday after concerns over Price-Kelty's condition.

Impairment tests were performed, and she was arrested.

Following the announcement of Price-Kelty's suspension, the board announced that Donna Anderson will be named interim superintendent.

"I've been a superintendent since 2009. I knew that they had a need. I contacted the Oklahoma School Boards Association,” Anderson explained. “It's not exciting circumstances, but there's an amazing staff. I was very encouraged to see the staff here tonight and the community members here that are very interested in what happens for Mannsville."

Anderson will be filling in for Price-Kelty starting January 2 until the end of the school year on July 1.