ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) —  The number 11 now hangs on the wall of Ardmore High School's basketball gym, honoring one father and son's legacy as Tigers.

"Watching those 1990 teams run out the locker rooms, said Lionel Brown a 2003 Ardmore graduate. "With their tear away jerseys and tossing the ball off the backboard we wanted to be what they were" 

Lionel Brown graduated from Ardmore in 2003, earning countless awards as a varsity point guard leading the tigers to two back-to-back state runner up titles. 

"I've always considered those teams to be some of the best to come through here," said Lionel. "And we've been acknowledged for it, each and every one of those guys poured their heart and soul out for the Ardmore Tigers and that's why those teams are special to me."

Lionel continued to excel on the college level, playing for schools in both Oklahoma and Texas

He says that the number 11 wasn't his first pick but he had a change of heart.

"They said my favorite number is 11 because I'm number 1 twice and that's kind stood out to me," said Lionel. "I already had number 11 at the time that's when I'm embraced that number, being one of one." 

20 years later and his son Jordyn is following in his same footsteps, choosing to wear the same number as his dad. 

"My first YMCA game I told them I wanted number 11, said Jordyn Brown a 2023 Ardmore graduate. "I remember warming up and I was like loo daddy I'm number 11 and I remember saying that." 

"It's kind like watching myself," said Lionel. "He's left handed, I'm left handed, we're essentially the same height so watching him is almost like watching myself all over again sometimes." 

Jordyn is still pursuing the family legacy as he's a freshman guard at Eastern Oklahoma State College, the same school where his dad started.