ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) — On October 26, Michelin announced the surprise shutdown of its Ardmore tire production facility. It's the city's largest employer, supporting 1,400 jobs.

It wasn't long before a task force comprising elected state officials, the Ardmore Development Authority, Ardmore city officials, and higher education institutions was organized in response.

Over the last month-and-a-half, the group developed plans to address workforce and education, economic and business development, strategic planning, public relations and non-profit impact.

"We reached out to our friends in Ponca City; they've had a couple of plant closures over the years, hearing from them on — you know — what surprised them and what challenges did they not foresee," said ADA president Bill Murphy. "They were very impressed with how our community has come together so quickly."

The task force has discussed a plan for Ardmore once Michelin's tire production ends in 2025, as well as ways to invest and support entrepreneurs who could be financially impacted by the shutdown.

Murray State College has stepped in to help some of the workers who will lose their jobs.

"We grew 18 percent this fall, and so, essentially, we have 20 percent more than we had originally budgeted for," said MSC president Dr. Tim Faltyn. "We've set aside a little over a million dollars in scholarships to help Michelin employees,as well as subcontractors, if what they want to do is find another career."

Murphy said about 1,100 of the 1,400 lost jobs are production staff, and the remaining positions are management. It's estimated that fewer than 10 percent of the production staff will relocate.