PONTOTOC COUNTY, Okla. (KTEN) — For the past three years, the Paradise Hills Memorial Lights Park has been bringing the people of Ada closer together each Christmas season.

It takes Brandon Lefler around two weeks to build the trail.

"My wife always enjoyed seeing the Christmas lights, and unfortunately, she passed two years ago from cancer," said Ada resident John Ryan. "When I saw Mr. Lefler do what he did here, I thought, 'You know, this is great... it really is."

Lefler installs hundreds of thousands of lights to remember those who have passed.

"I started the trail to honor my nephew Jaetyn Cameron, Cole Evans, and one of my best friends, Josh Saunders," Lefler said. "After that, I just started adding the names of fellow Ada people that have died at an early age or from an accident."

But on Monday evening, Lefler checked his security camera to find that four teenagers visited the trail and vandalized it.

"They had dismantled some of the figurines, stomped on some of the lights out of the trees," he said. "For what this road is for, it's kind of like desecration... like going on a memorial site."

Now that law enforcement has been notified — along with the parents of the teens believed to have been involved — residents hope that nothing like this happens again.

"This is such a beautiful tribute to the subdivision and Christmas, and you got somebody that just comes in here and just damaging just to be doing it," Ryan said. "I mean, it's just... it's just wrong. Honestly, we're tired of it. We're just really tired of it."