ARDMORE, Okla. (KTEN) -- Election Day has been set in the city of Ardmore for voters in two wards to decide who will represent them on the City Commission.

The three-year terms of northeast Commissioner John Credle and southwest Commissioner David Plesher will expire in April.

"I definitely plan to run for re-election for this next term,” Credle said. “John Moore, the former commissioner held the seat for 35 years. When I ran for the first time, it was a big election. We had debates; we had different things going on because that seat was held so long."

Credle and Plesher have been serving the City of Ardmore since 2021.

Mayor Sheryl Ellis, who's been the southeast ward commissioner since 1998, says regardless of who runs for the city seats, there's a level of commitment.

"For anyone who wants to be on the City Commission, understand it's just not a position; it's not about you,” she said. “You can always have your ideas, but you have to be willing to negotiate and to come to some sort of an agreement as to what's best for our community and our citizens."

The election — set to be held on April 2 — will be the first since Mayor Ellis and Vice Mayor Nancy Sjulin were re-elected in May last year.

"My hope is always with someone who runs is, they don't have an agenda,” Ellis explained. “If you always are in turmoil, and your commissioners are coming and going at a fast rate, you never hit a rhythm."