SHERMAN, Texas — Several apartment complexes in Sherman were hit by burglars over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

Police said more than a dozen vehicles were broken into along South Heritage Parkway. Officers responded to a burglary report on Friday, but some residents said  their cars were broken into as early as Wednesday.

Some of the burglarized vehicles had their windows smashed to take items that were left visible, while others had been left unlocked.

Police said the stolen items included firearms, spare keys, and a Ring doorbell camera.

"The known product that's missing is probably $1,200 to $1,400," said burglary victim Stacy Hogg. "I have insurance... won't cover all of it. It'll cover part of it, but nothing will cover the sentimental part."

So far, the stolen property has not been recovered, and the burglaries remain under investigation.